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ECommerceMajor SQL Injection Vulnerability

#Exploit Title   : ECommerceMajor SQL Injection Vulnerability
#Exploit Author  : Rahul Pratap Singh
#Date            : 13/Dec/2015
#Home page Link  : https://github.com/xlinkerz/ecommerceMajor
#Website	 : 0x62626262.wordpress.com
#Linkedin	 : https://in.linkedin.com/in/rahulpratapsingh94

1. Description

"prodid" field in productdtl.php is not properly sanitized, that leads
to SQL Injection Vulnerability.

2. Vulnerable Code:

line 14 to 18


$getallproduct="select * from purchase where id=$_GET[prodid] order by
id desc";

3. POC

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