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CVE-2016-4264 Adobe ColdFusion <= 11 XXE Vulnerability

Vulnerability: Adobe ColdFusion <= 11 XXE Injection
CVE: CVE-2016-4264
Vendor ID: APSB16-30
Discovered by: Dawid Golunski (http://legalhackers.com)

Adobe ColdFusion in versions 11 and below is vulnerable to XXE
Injection when processing untrusted office documents.

Depending on a web application's functionality and the attacker's ability to
supply a malicious document to be processed by a vulnerable ColdFusion
application, this vulnerability may potentially be exploited by both
low-privileged and unauthenticated remote attackers.

The full advisory and a ColdFusion PoC exploit can be found at:


Adobe has been notified about this vulnerability and has issued the
following critical hotfix (APSB16-30) prior to the disclosure of this


Dawid Golunski