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Lotus Protector for Mail Security remote code execution



Lotus Mail Encryption Server (Protector for Mail)

Local File Inclusion to Remote Code Execution

There is local file inclusion vulnerability in
the Lotus Mail Encryption Server (Protector for Mail Encryption)
administration setup interface. The index.php file uses an unsafe include()
where an unauthenticated remote user may read (traversal) arbitrary
file contents.
By abusing a second bug within Lotus, we can inject our payload
into a known location and call it via the LFI to gain remote code execution.
Version Build( is known to be vulnerable.
You may need to set DATE in the format YYYY-MM-DD to get this working,
where the remote host and metasploit instance have UTC timezone differences.


Discovered by Patrick Webster

Disclosure timeline:
09-Nov-2012 - Exploit released.
04-Apr-2017 - Public advisory.

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