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Re: Code Red / Nimda Antidote?

On Mon, Sep 09, 2002 at 09:28:49AM +0800, Clinton Smith wrote:
> In the last three days - I have seen a Dramatic decrease in the number
> of code red and nimda events:
> ie from 20-30 per day down to <3

Actually I have seen the opposite, we used to get <3 a week, and I
have gotten atleast 5 in the last four hours.  30 - 50 over the

> Has there been an anti-worm etc released?
> Is anyone else seeing this trend?

I am seeing the opposite trend, maybe I got yours :).  But I thought
maybe there was another virus doing the rounds that used Nimda as a
payload or a "I will try to infect this machine with myself and
Nimda/Code Red".

I was figuring the latter because I am seeing a few successive
infection attempts, Klez, Yaha, and Nimda (or Code Red).  Could be
coincidence, but I raised an eyebrow.
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