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[ISN] Update from The Intelligence Network

Forwarded from: Brooks Isoldi <bisoldi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

	The Intelligence Network site (www.intellnet.org) is finally
back up and running.  We hope to have updated news posted to the site
tomorrow (Wednesday) and to resume our regular operations.  We are
currently in the process of developing a ton of new features for the
site including a face lift and an overhaul of our backend
infrastructure as well as a lot of ideas to make the dissemination of
the information each person wants much easier. We are trying to
harness the archive power that the site has (currently we have 14,372
news articles archived on the server) and allow users to access the
materials they want as quickly and easily as possible.

	As many of you know, we had a problem with hosting a little
while ago.  To my utter surprise, we were flooded with offers of help,
ideas, suggestions and general inquiries.  I guess it took a downturn
for me to realize there are loyal fans out there :-).  Anyway, the
creators of Aimster, the popular filesharing client now known as
Madster www.madster.com (the beautiful Aimee and her father), came
through with an offer to host my server for free of charge, so we went
through the long process of getting our server out of its old colo and
into its new one.  Words cannot express out gratitude towards them.

	During this process of finding a new host and moving the
server to their facility, we did not get much in the way of donations,
however there were a good many people who expressed the willingness to
donate.  I have never looked for handouts, but it would greatly
benefit my site (and the intelligence community indirectly) if we were
able to recieve some money. Every bit helps.  I will be putting up a
link to paypal for the donation with a breakdown of exactly what we
want to purchase as well as a link to buy IntellNet t-shirts that I
have.  If there is anyone who cannot wait to donate, feel free to
email me bisoldi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <grin>.

	All in all, having to manage the acquisition of a new colo
facility and managing the move of our server was a worthwhile
experience.  It was definitely not something that your average college
student goes through on a daily basis, but I am glad to be of service
to the intell community and I am glad to be of help and of use to
everyone out there who makes use of the site.

	Thank you.

Brooks Isoldi
The Intelligence Network
877-581-3724 [Voicemail/Fax]

"When in the Course of human Events, it
becomes necessary for one People to
dissolve the Political Bands which have
connected them with another..."
      -Declaration of Independence (1776)

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