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[ISN] REVIEW: "XML Security", Blake Dournaee

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BKXMLSCR.RVW   20021003

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"XML Security", Blake Dournaee, 2002, 0-07-219399-9, U$59.99
%A   Blake Dournaee
%C   300 Water Street, Whitby, Ontario   L1N 9B6
%D   2002
%G   0-07-219399-9
%I   McGraw-Hill Ryerson/Osborne
%O   U$59.99 800-565-5758 fax: 905-430-5020
%O  http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0072193999/robsladesinterne
%P   379 p.
%T   "XML Security"

Chapter one is an outline of the book.  The differences between
symmetric and asymmetric cryptography are given in chapter two, which
provides a good treatment of the basics, although there are odd
additions of extraneous details.  The XML primer, in chapter three,
follows the all-too-common practice of describing syntax rather than
function, but the explanation of document parts is useful.  The syntax
of XML digital signatures, and a brief mention of canonicalization,
makes up chapter four.  Part two of the introduction to signatures is
in chapter five, which concentrates on canonicalization, but does not
present this important concept clearly.  Chapter six provides some
examples, although neither the problems nor the solutions are defined
well.  The elements of XML encryption are listed in chapter seven. 
Chapter eight is a promotion for an RSA product.  The elements of the
XML key management specifications are given in chapter nine.

While the syntax of various XML operations is provided properly, the
book fails to provide the newcomer to the field with any understanding
of the uses or limitations of the XML security provisions.

copyright Robert M. Slade, 2002   BKXMLSCR.RVW   20021003

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