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[ISN] Let's Bring Em Home, Again!

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Let's Bring Em Home, Again!

For the past year I have usually gotten 2-3 emails per week that went
something like this: "Wow man, I really dig what you did last year for
those soldiers." And yes, I'll admit that I really dug what *we* did
last year for those soldiers.

For those of you new to the EHOWA family, last December we kicked off
a little project called "Let's bring Em Home" where we all pitched in
and bought plane tickets for military personnel who otherwise couldn't
afford to be with their families over the holiday season. And I am
proud to say, we were a most successful bunch! Over $13,000 donated
into the pot, which allowed us to buy 28 airfares for military
personnel of all shapes and sizes.

This year, I'm even more proud to announce that yep, we're gonna do it
I am a firm believer that the reason there have not been any terrorist
attacks on American soil this past year isn't because the Al Queda is
sitting around a campfire somewhere kicking the dirt and mumbling,
"Shucks we're all out of ideas." No, I believe it's because they've
been completely knocked off their game and sent scattering for the
hills by the most powerful fighting force in history.

This past year in the fight against terrorism, there have been over 45
soldiers killed in the line of duty protecting our way of life. They
fought and their comrades still do fight, so that we can sit down
tomorrow and have one more helping of turkey than we should. So that
we can wear funny red Santa hats while we walk around the mall and
Christmas shop for gifts. So we can sit around with our families
during a snowstorm and laugh and talk and bicker and reminisce, all
without fear of being killed simply because we live in the best
country in the world. They give us the gift of our families and our
safety and our freedom.
What's the best way to say thank you and repay the dedication they
unquestioningly show us? I say we return the favor, and give them the
gift of their families in return.


"Communications without intelligence is noise;  Intelligence
without communications is irrelevant." Gen Alfred. M. Gray, USMC
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