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[ISN] REVIEW: "Information Security Policies, Procedures, and Standards", Thomas R. Peltier

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BKISPPAS.RVW   20020923

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"Information Security Policies, Procedures, and Standards", Thomas R.
Peltier, 2002, 0-8493-1137-3
%A   Thomas R. Peltier
%C   920 Mercer Street, Windsor, ON   N9A 7C2
%D   2002
%G   0-8493-1137-3
%I   Auerbach Publications
%O   U$69.95 +1-800-950-1216 auerbach@xxxxxxx orders@xxxxxxxxxxxx
%O  http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0849311373/robsladesinterne
%P   297 p.
%T   "Information Security Policies, Procedures, and Standards"

Chapter one provides vague meanderings about information protection
fundamentals.  The author's opinion about how to write is given in
chapter two.  In the ultimate triumph of style over substance, this
drafting advice is given before any examination of actual policy
development.  Chapter three defines policy and some related topics
with lots of verbiage and overly lengthy examples.  There are lots of
sample mission statements in chapter four, although it is not really
apparent why we are talking about this particular topic.  The
structure of chapter five, dealing with standards, is very confused,
and the purpose of the examples given is unclear.  (There is also an
extremely odd assertion that standards, which are by definition rigid,
must be "flexible.")  We are given more writing advice, supposedly in
aid of procedures, in chapter six.  Chapter seven talks about
information classification for a few paragraphs and then lays out a
thirty page example.  Random security thoughts and banal training
ideas make up the security awareness program in chapter eight. 
Generic project management advice is in chapter nine.  Chapter ten
contains suggested topics for a security policy.  What the book said
is repeated in chapter eleven.

The appendices include a very short sample policy, and a policy
development checklist.

Barman's "Writing Information Security Policies" (cf. BKWRINSP.RVW)
provides far better advice on both the process and the topics to be
covered in creating a security policy.  Even "Information Security
Policies Made Easy" (cf. BKISPME.RVW) is better, for all that people
tend to misuse it.  Peltier's book provides little of use to the
harried security manager.

copyright Robert M. Slade, 2002   BKISPPAS.RVW   20020923

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