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[ISN] Analysis of Defacement of Indian Web Sites

Forwarded from: William Knowles <wk@xxxxxxx>


[Worth a looksee, at least the writer credits the sources of 
information unlike many cyber-intelligence companies do.  - WK]

Analysis of Defacement of Indian Web Sites 
by K. N. Srijith

This paper analyses publicly available reports of defacements of 
Indian Web sites. The primary aim of the paper is to present the raw 
information available as understandable statistical details. It also 
discusses the trends in the defacement activities and tries to find 
out the motive behind the defacement activities.


The Internet, the worldwide network of interconnected machines, has 
evolved over the last couple of years from a research project, to a 
geek's medium, and into a common communication medium. Web sites have 
been sprouting everywhere, creating an online presence for companies, 
institutions, organisations and individuals. However, along with the 
rise of Internet, there has also been a corresponding rise in the 
number of Internet related thefts, fraud and system compromises. As 
more and more bugs in server implementation are discovered, they are 
promptly used to break into online systems and gain access to 
restricted information.

India is not an exception to this trend. As the number of Indian Web 
sites has increased, so have the attacks directed against them. The 
media and the security industry are slowly realising the extent of the 
problem. It was felt that research needed to be done to gather 
statistical and empirical information on the state and trends of 
defacement activities targeted against Indian Web sites, as there has 
not been any previously reported study or survey on this topic.

Most of the information used in this paper is taken from Project India 
Cracked [1], a Web project run by the author, that has been monitoring 
defacement of Indian Web sites since the year 2000.


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