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[ISN] Computer Attack and Defense As Spectator Sport


[But does echo23.com's Domopers play every 20 minutes or so? :)  - WK

Posted by timothy on Sunday December 22, @02:12PM
from the laser-pointer-wielding-audience dept.

zanbar writes "There was a Slashdot story in March about the Alamo 
Drafthouse in Austin -- using WiFi in a theater. On Jan 11th, an event 
at the Alamo will combine video with wireless. LinuxTopGun.org gives 
details about a series of computer network attack competitions going 
on tour through North America. They bring in a Linux/Apache web 
server, a bunch of teams bring in their laptops and attack it over a 
wireless network. Teams take turns onstage defending the server and 
then answering audience Q&A about their strategies. MCs interview 
competitors and explain network attacks to the audience. DJs mix and 
VJs flip live video with network visualization software -- animations 
like in the movie 'Hackers.' Judges award points for how well 
competitors perform, both online and onstage, and the top teams win 
prizes... It's like watching computer attacks as a live sport. There 
is also some discussion taking place in #ltg on efnet." 

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