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[ISN] Welsh virus mastermind convicted

Forwarded from: Muhammad Faisal Rauf Danka <mfrd@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>


Discretion is indeed the better part of valour - or, Vallor, in the 
case of twenty-two-year-old Simon Vallor of Llandudno in Wales, who 
pled guilty last week to having most indiscreetly uncorked what 
prosecutors termed "the third most destructive virus worldwide" at its 
epidemic height in 2001. 

Mr. Vallor owned up to having pumped out three mass e-mails last year 
- GoKar, Redesi, and Admirer - which, when opened, laced the virus 
across all the entries in recipients' address books. Twenty-seven 
thousand computers in forty-two countries were overrun. Subject 
headings bore such enticements as "You have a secret admirer," in 
order to entrap vain and inquisitive readers. 

After the virus was first tracked on December 5, last year, Scotland 
Yard chased down a tip pointing to Mr. Vallor, who was using the 
e-mail alias Gobo. Mr. Vallor is alleged to have regaled visitors to a 
chatroom known collegially as Team Virus with his infectious exploits. 
A sentencing date remains to be set. 

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