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Re: [ISN] Computer Attack and Defense As Spectator Sport

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Finally something to make golf an exciting sport.  Perhaps it is just
that i am so very lacking in the skills department, i guess, or
perhaps it is that i just am not doing it right, but i have never
really considered 'hacking' to be so exciting.  It is beyond exciting
in various ways, but i ... i ... i am just speechless i guess.  This
is ... well, maybe someone was watching the movie Hackers a little too
much, or perhaps someone has been wondering what is the matrix a
little too long.  Yes, that must be it.  Either that, or i truly must
be missing something here.  Maybe, yes, i must most definitely tune
into this very athletic and on the edge of one's seat sport (?), so
that i might learn what it is i have been doing wrong all these years.

And to think, that i have introduced so much caffiene into my system,
just to stay awake, when had i been doing it proper like, i could have
done away with my routine work-outs and pots of coffee, by just
'hacking' the right way!  This is good.  I should most definitely have
all of my family watch also!  This will show them what draws me into
computers, what it is that causes me to disappear for massive amounts
of times, days even.  Yes, then they too can be drawn into the utterly
exciting world of text based typing!

:: blinks ::  Well, on the up side, i hope the music and visuals are neat.

Merry Christmas all ...


.times enemy

> http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=02/12/22/1841259&mode=thread&tid=172
> [But does echo23.com's Domopers play every 20 minutes or so? :)  - WK
> Posted by timothy on Sunday December 22, @02:12PM
> from the laser-pointer-wielding-audience dept.
> zanbar writes "There was a Slashdot story in March about the Alamo
> Drafthouse in Austin -- using WiFi in a theater. On Jan 11th, an event
> at the Alamo will combine video with wireless. LinuxTopGun.org gives
> details about a series of computer network attack competitions going  on
> tour through North America. They bring in a Linux/Apache web
> server, a bunch of teams bring in their laptops and attack it over a
> wireless network. Teams take turns onstage defending the server and
> then answering audience Q&A about their strategies. MCs interview
> competitors and explain network attacks to the audience. DJs mix and
> VJs flip live video with network visualization software -- animations
> like in the movie 'Hackers.' Judges award points for how well
> competitors perform, both online and onstage, and the top teams win
> prizes... It's like watching computer attacks as a live sport. There  is
> also some discussion taking place in #ltg on efnet."

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