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[ISN] RIAA invites comments


[It appears that RIAA hasn't learned anything about computer security 
since the last time this happened. Ahh the power of Cheese. :)  -  WK]

By Andrew Orlowski in San Francisco
Posted: 31/12/2002 at 00:11 GMT

According to an official statement issued by the Recording Industry 
Association of America today, "I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner - 
do you eat cheese?" 

Which is pretty bizarre even by the standards set by the RIAA's recent 

Of course, this hasn't been issued by the RIAA at all. It's a 
defacement, only a slightly more creative one than usual. In a novel 
twist the hackers created a form allowing submissions to feed directly 
into the RIAA's own press release page. As you can see:-


Portions of the RIAA's website were inaccessible for a week after the 
site was defaced earlier this year.

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