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[ISN] Secunia Security Advisories Mailing List Information


The Secunia Security Advisories is free and designed for the IT
professional who wants one source of information about the latest
software vulnerabilities.

Information Overflow

Today the IT professional needs to be subscribed to several mailing
lists here amoung Bugtraq, Vulnwatch, Full disclosure, vendor lists
etc. in order to get must of the security information. And still you
may miss critical information regarding the software you are running.  
The Secunia Security Advisories provides you with all information
through one single list.

How Secunia Work

Every day Secunia's team of IT Security professionals work to collect,
validate, assess and write the Secunia Advisories.

Secunia is collecting the information from many different security
mailing lists, vendor mailing lists, vendor websites, product
changelogs etc.

Every time we encounter a new software vulnerability or security fix
released for a product, we will assess, validate and write a Secunia
Advisory which will be released without delay.

Secunia's Advisories are distributed through several sources e.g.: The
Secunia website, The list Secunia Security Advisories and our
information affiliates.


To subscribe Secunia Security Advisories you need to supply your
E-mail in the form field below. If you at some point wish to
unsubscribe the Secunia Security Advisories, this is easily done by
clicking the link presented in the bottom of every E-mail sent from



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