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[ISN] Madonna's net amused


Apr 20, 2003

A BID by Madonna to trick fans who download music from the internet 
without paying backfired - when a hacker caused mayhem on her website. 

All 11 tracks from her new album American Life appeared to be posted 
on Madonna.com for downloading.

But when the files were played back listeners heard Madonna saying: 
"What the f*** do you think you're doing?"

One angry computer buff got revenge by hacking into the website and 
adding his own message, saying: "This is what the f*** I think I'm 

He then left links to a site where the songs really could be 
downloaded for free.

Madonna.com was taken down for several hours yesterday so the message 
and links could be removed.

Sceptical music industry insiders reckon the whole thing might have 
been a huge publicity stunt by Madonna, 44.

Music writer Paul Cashmere said: "If it was a stunt then it was 

"If not, someone angry with the Madonna download strategy went to a 
lot of trouble."

The music industry has been plagued by websites allowing people to 
avoid paying for new music by downloading.

The original downloading site Napster was shut down after legal action 
in America, but a host of similar sites are still operating.

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