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RE: [ISN] Internet Attacks Hit U.S. Attorneys' Offices

Forwarded from: "McCarthy, Robert F" <RMCCART1@xxxxxxxxxx>

The DOJ fellow is correct.  There was no compromise.  What he fails to
point out is that he means that none of the information contained on
the PC's was compromised, which, in and of itself, is difficult to
fathom until the information surfaces somewhere else and/or the FBI
finds out "exactly" what was involved in the process.  How a spokes
person/DOJ representative could have made that determination, that no
information was comprised, so quickly, is baffling.

But then, smoke and mirrors, smoke and mirrors, always seems to work.

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Ummm...  No security was compromised?  Isn't the fact that 40% (an
astounding number) of federal prosecutor's PCs were running a
particular virus or worm just the definition of 'compromised'?

'It just slowed the network down."  Hm...  No biggie :-)

InfoSec News wrote:

> The bugs affected 40 percent of the federal prosecutors' desk and
> laptop computers around the country, said Justice spokesman Mark
> Corallo. "No security was compromised, and it had no effect on
> evidence," he said. "It just slowed the network down."

- H. Morrow Long, CISSP
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