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[ISN] Infowarrior-L Subscriber Refresh

[Due to a catastrophic event with Rick's hardware, he is forced to
rebuild the INFOWARRIOR list. So if you were on his list, follow the
instructions below, and if you were never aware of his list
before, now might be a good time to sign-up!   - WK]


Richard Forno's INFOWARRIOR-L
List FAQ 4.1  (15 Oct 04)

The list is relatively low-volume (a few messages per day) and subscribers
include journalists, geeks, political folks, and other interested people.
Items covered include distributing new commentary, articles and other items
of interest in the technology, security, policy, and current events areas.

Currently, this is an announce-only list - if you want an item posted, send
to me for consideration. - Richard Forno <rforno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
SUBSCRIBE by sending email to lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with SUBSCRIBE
INFOWARRIOR in the Subject field.

UNSUBSCRIBE by sending email to lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with UNSUBSCRIBE
INFOWARRIOR in the Subject field.

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