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[ISN] 50 hackers 'stole' $28m


Edited by Andiswa Mesatywa

Rio De Janeiro - Brazil's federal police on Wednesday arrested 50
hackers who were accused of using the internet to syphon off $28m from
bank accounts of private citizens.

Authorities said that hackers attacked some of the leading technology
users in Brazil's financial sector: Caixa Economica Federal, Banco do
Brasil, HSBC, Bradesco, Unibanco and Itau.

Most of the suspects are under 25-years-old, a police spokesperson

Investigators found that the online thieves sent their victims email
messages. Once the unsuspecting depositors opened the messages, their
banking information and personal access codes became available to the
hackers, who were able to transfer money out of the accounts to other
bank accounts.

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