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[ISN] Gurgaon cops get NASSCOM cyber crime tips


Express News Service
October 05, 2005

Gurgaon, October 4: Faced with increasing incidents of cyber crime
coupled with criticism over the lack of ability of it's officials to
effectively deal with such cases, Haryana Police have finally decided
to get help from NASSCOM which is holding a seven-day Special Training
programme train the policemen from Gurgaon Range.

The programme, which began today at Dronacharya Engineering College
will train a total of 30 police official from districts Gurgaon,
Faridadad, Rewari and Narnaul in the fields of Computer Basics,
storage devices, computer communications, internet and intranet,
email, mobile phone forensics, Electronic Environment and legal
Along with NASSCOM experts, several CBI officers will also interact
with the trainees.

The first major case of alleged cyber-crime that rocked Gurgaon was
after an expose by a British tabloid claiming that it's reporter had
managed to buy confidential information like credit card and health
details of British nationals from a computer software worker employed
with a web-designing company.

Following a furore over the matter, Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder
Singh Hooda ordered an inquiry into the matter, the results of which
are still not known.

Ill-equipped to investigate the case, Gurgaon Police apparently pushed
the case into cold-storage. Of late, Gurgaon has witnessed two
cyber-crime cases, that of data theft and hacking and misuse of e-mail

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