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28 October 2005

A TEENAGER locked up for conning £45,000 out of eBay shoppers wants a
job with the auction site as a security expert.

And eBay bosses say they are interested in hiring Phillip Shortman,
18, even though he is now awaiting sentence for a second online scam.

Shortman got 12 months' detention in May for offering £45,000 of goods
for sale on eBay, pocketing the cash and failing to supply the goods.

Then, while out on licence, he was caught selling £8000 of bogus Welsh
rugby tickets on the site. He is waiting to be sentenced for the
tickets con.

Despite his latest conviction, Shortman, of Pontypool, Gwent, told
Tonight with Trevor McDonald: "I've turned over a new leaf."

He insisted he would make a good security adviser, saying: "I can see
a scam from miles away. Fingers crossed, maybe Microsoft or eBay or
somebody big will get in touch."

The head of security at eBay, Gareth Griffiths, told the programme he
was keen to meet Shortman to discuss the idea of hiring him. He said:  
"I'd love to have a chat with Phillip Shortman. Let's talk about it,
very happy to have a chat

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