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[ISN] 'Red Hackers Alliance' seen behind attacks on U.S. sites


Special to World Tribune.com
Thursday, April 13, 2006 

China's information warfare expertise comes in part from a group
called the "Red Hackers Alliance," U.S. officials said.

Chinese-origin hackers are responsible for tens of thousands of
computer attacks on U.S. government networks, the officials said.
The "Alliance" which identifies itself as "a network security research
organization made up of Chinese patriotic hackers," specializes in
network security, "patriotic hacker training," and software
development, according to the group's Internet site.

Unlike western private groups and networks which spread by word of
mouth and clicks of the mouse, the "Alliance" operates like a
government- or party-backed organization.

A Hong Kong-based specialist said China has a budget for hiring the
best IT graduates from U.S. universities to hone its cyberwar
capabilities. "They've got the money, and they are spending it," he

The "Alliance" claims to have "liaison officers" in provinces and
cities across China and is currently recruiting "patriotic hackers" to
fill posts in some regions.

The group's offerings include: patriotic hacker courses, software,
alliance services, and special training. The group also provides
information and software downloads on a variety of hacker tools,
literature and other services.

The group has marketed a patriotic hacker book and has held meetings
in Shanghai.

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