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[ISN] Nikon magazine hit with security breach


By Dawn Kawamoto
Staff Writer, CNET News.com
September 15, 2006

Nikon World magazine subscribers were hit with a security breach,
camera giant Nikon said this week.

The breach, which lasted nine hours on Tuesday, revealed the personal
and financial information of 3,235 subscribers.

The security breach affected Nikon World's online registration site,
according to an advisory posted in the upper-right corner of the main
page of publication's Web site.

The incident marks the latest in a long string of security issues
linked to potential or actual identity theft.

During a nine-hour period Tuesday, nine new Nikon World subscribers
were able to view personal information of 3,235 individuals who had
registered for the magazine, going back to Jan. 1. The information
that was accessible included subscribers' addresses, contact details
and credit card information.

The security breach arose due to a system failure by an outside vendor
that Nikon World uses, the company said. The problem has since been
resolved, it said.

Nikon notified all affected subscribers of the security breach and
contacted the nine individuals who were able to access the
information, it said.

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