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[ISN] Local author tackles computer hacking


Staff Writer
April 29, 2007

A local man has broken into the literary world with a book about 
breaking into computers.

Daniel V. Hoffman of Shorewood's first book, "Blackjacking: Security 
Threats to BlackBerry Devices, PDAs, and Cell Phones in the Enterprise," 
[1] was released April 16 and has found an audience.

"I know it's in the thousands, and that was before it was released," 
Hoffman said of sales for his book. "It's doing well."

In "Blackjacking," Hoffman explains the importance of boosting the 
security for mobile devices such as cell phones, Blackberries and PDAs.

The book is "Packed with sobering examples of actual attacks" on mobile 
devices and "shows you how to mount your counterattack," according to 
publisher John Wiley & Sons.

Just as mobile devices can be safeguarded by taking precautions, Hoffman 
said, failing to do so can leave them as vulnerable as a house with its 
front door hanging open.

"It really depends on how they are configured," Hoffman said.

And once a hacker gets in, he can clean out the candy store.

"They can get everything if they really want," Hoffman said.

Hoffman, 35, and his family moved to the Plainfield area when he was in 
first grade. He attended Northern Illinois University and joined the 
Coast Guard, where he discovered his love of computers.

"I'm 100 percent self-taught," Hoffman said.

Hoffman, now a resident of Shorewood, has more than a decade's worth of 
experience in remote-access security. He works as a senior engineer of 
security solutions for various companies and conducts live hacking 
demonstrations at seminars.

While this is Hoffman's first book, he has written extensively for the 
Web site ethicalhacker.net

[1] http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0470127546/c4iorg
and http://www.shopinfosecnews.org

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