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[ISN] Bush hotel in security breach



In what may be the first security breach at APEC, two unauthorised men 
watched the US President arrive at his Sydney Hotel from inside the 
lobby last night.

As part of the tight APEC security measures, security screening had been 
installed at the InterContinental hotel and sniffer dogs had checked the 

And despite police efforts to stop anyone without accreditation from 
going anywhere near the hotel, two unauthorised men spent hours wining 
and dining in the hotel's lobby before the George W. Bush's arrival.

"We were actually sitting in the lobby the whole time when the president 
walked in through the side door and all the photographers walked in 
through the front door," one of the unidentified men told ABC Radio.

"We were there and had a few drinks and actually had a meal.

"After the president arrived my brother was challenged as to what 
security we had to actually get into the hotel and we said: 'well none'.

"The next thing I was approached by the police who said we've got your 
brother down the front, we've got him bailed up, we need you to show 
some identification for yourself and for the both of you to be escorted 

"We were escorted not only out of the hotel but across the road as well.

"Let's just say the security at that place was pretty bloody poor."

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