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[ISN] Another Blackberry outage strikes


By Tony Dennis
08 September 2007

RIM APPEARS to be in denial again over yet another Crackberry outage. 
This one happened on Friday night [7th September] but, as usual, RIM has 
published no information on its web site.

Instead the company seems to have been content with putting out a 
statement to a few news agencies. According to AP, it said, "Research in 
Motion is continuing to monitor the situation and apologises to 
customers for any inconvenience."

However, the agency reported that even after e-mail service was 
restored, "slowdowns persisted into Friday night as message backlogs 
were being cleared out."

The only good news is that the outage only affected those using the 
plebs version of its service BIS (Blackberry Internet service)  not the 
Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) favoured by corporates.

Typically there's no indication of how quickly the problems will clear 
up. Which doesn't exactly inspire confidence in its userbase.

This mistrust in the Crackberry has already led workers in the French 
president and prime minister's offices being ordered not to use handheld 
Blackberry devices amid fears that foreigners could spy on them.

And it's not just the French. It's been reported that the US National 
Security Council has said that the White House has set up a special 
taskforce to consider whether the administration needs to restrict the 
use of Blackberries through concerns about cyber spying in the most 
recent instance allegedly by Chinese hackers.

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