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[ISN] MoD arms itself with BlackBerrys


By Gemma Simpson
12 September 2007

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) is giving BlackBerrys to its staff to 
encourage flexible and more productive working.

The MoD is using a BlackBerry Enterprise Server to give staff access to 
email on the move and also give IT workers the ability to remotely 
control, shut down and wipe any gadgets which are lost or stolen. The 
server is approved by the Communications and Electronics Security Group 
for the communication of data at the "restricted" level.

An MoD spokesman told silicon.com there will be "no restriction" on the 
numbers of devices to be dished out and anyone within the MoD who has a 
business need for a BlackBerry can get one.

The spokesman said BlackBerrys will encourage flexible working, improve 
communications and allow MoD staff to utilise any unproductive time - 
for example when travelling.

The rollout began today with MoD staff getting a choice of two smart 
phones: the BlackBerry 8700v or the 8707v.

The spokesman added: "The decision reflects the MoD's desire to create a 
modern workforce of which Blackberrys are firmly a part."

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