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[ISN] 3Com investor charged in bomb threats


By Jim Duffy
Network World

An individual investor in 3Com was charged Wednesday by federal 
authorities with threatening to bomb investment firms if they did not 
boost the company’s stock.

John Tompkins of Dubuque, Iowa., was charged with 15 counts, including 
securities fraud, intent to extort, possession of an unregistered 
destructive device and using a destructive device while committing a 
violent crime. Tompkins, a machinist, was arrested in April and accused 
of sending threatening letters and bombs to investment firms under the 
guise of “The Bishop.”

The bombs and letters were in an attempt to get the investment firms to 
boost the price of 3Com and Navarre stock, of which Tompkins was an 
investor. Tompkins reportedly sent 17 letters and two bombs to 
investment firms in the Midwest.

The firms did not comply with Tompkins’ demands, according to federal 

Tompkins could face life in prison if convicted on the charge of using a 
destructive device while committing a violent crime.

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