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[ISN] Pentagon hacker McKinnon earns extradition delay


By John Leyden
The Register
12th August 2008

Pentagon hacker Gary McKinnon has been granted a short reprieve from 
possible extradition to the US while a European court decides whether or 
not to intervene.

Law lords rejected McKinnon's appeal against extradition last month, 
leaving the European Court of Human Rights as his final avenue of 
appeal. McKinnon's solicitors Kaim Todner have lodged an appeal to the 
European court arguing that strong arm tactics used by US authorities 
during plea bargaining negotiations and concerns that McKinnon may be 
subject to a military tribunal constitute a violation of his human 

In a brief statement, Kaim Todner said the court had granted McKinnon 
"interim relief" against extradition until 28 August, in order for his 
application to considered before the full chamber of presidents of the 
European Court of Human Rights. David Dinkeldein, a solicitor at Kaim 
Todner, explained that the injunction prevents McKinnon's extradition 
until at least 28 August. The case will be considered on the basis of 
written papers, and no hearing has been scheduled.


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