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[ISN] Microsoft Patch Tuesday Targets 26 Application Flaws


By Brian Prince

Microsoft released its Patch Tuesday update today, which includes a fix 
for a zero-day flaw affecting Microsoft Office Access that has been 
targeted by hackers. Other fixes address issues in Microsoft Excel, 
PowerPoint, Windows and other products.

Microsoft released its August Patch Tuesday update today with 11 
bulletins that plug 26 security holes across multiple products.

Six of the bulletins are rated "critical" and address remotely 
exploitable flaws in Internet Explorer, PowerPoint, Excel, Microsoft 
Office Access, Microsoft Office and the Windows operating system. The 
critical bulletins swat a total of six bugs in Internet Explorer, five 
affecting Microsoft Office filters, four in Microsoft Excel, three in 
Microsoft PowerPoint and one apiece affecting Office Access and the 
Windows Image Color Management system.

"The patches that address zero-days issues are the most critical as some 
of the zero-days are actively being exploited by attackers,â said Amol 
Sarwate, manager of the vulnerabilities lab at Qualys. âItâs important 
to note that users should make it a priority to install all of the 
patches this month. This is the biggest batch of client-side security 
patches weâve seen from Microsoft."


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