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[ISN] Worker who lost data no longer on job


Copyright 2008 
Houston Chronicle
Aug. 11, 2008

The Harris County Hospital District administrator who downloaded medical 
and financial records for 1,200 patients onto a flash drive that later 
was lost or stolen no longer works there, a district spokesman said 

Spokesman Bryan McLeod confirmed the low-level administrator's departure 
but would not say whether she resigned or was fired or when she left, 
calling it a confidential personnel matter.

Attempts to reach the former employee for comment Monday were 

The flash drive contained records listing patients' names, medical 
record numbers, billing codes, the facilities where they were treated 
and other billing information, the district said. It also included the 
patients' Medicaid or Medicare numbers, which can indicate their Social 
Security numbers or those of their spouses.

Many of the patients listed on the flash drive have HIV or AIDS, 
according to Harris County Judge Ed Emmett.


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