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[ISN] DHS awards $11.7 million for cyber research


By Alice Lipowicz
August 13, 2008

The Homeland Security Department today awarded $11.7 million in grants 
for cybersecurity research to 13 recipients from industry and academia.

The department.s Science and Technology Directorate made some awards to 
focus research and development on botnets and malware, composable and 
scalable secure systems, cybersecurity metrics and data anonymization 
tools. Other awards will be used for research on insider threat 
detection and mitigation, Internet tomography and topography; network 
data visualization for information assurance; process control system 
security and routing security management tools, DHS said.

Some recipients are Applied Visions, Inc. of Northport, N.Y.; Computer 
Associates Inc. of Islandia, N..Y.; Colorado State University and 
Digital Bond Inc. of Fort Lauderdale, Fla. The others are Georgia Tech 
Research Corp.; IBM Corp.; ITT/Dolphin Technology; Johns Hopkins 
University; Packet Clearing House Inc.;  Sandia National Laboratories; 
Secure64 Software Corp. of Greenwood Village, Colo.; the University of 
California-San Diego and Washington State University.

"The work conducted by these awardees will drive the technologies and 
best practices needed to strengthen our nation's cybersecurity," Douglas 
Maughan, cybersecurity research program manager of the directorate's 
Command, Control and Interoperability Division, said in a news release.

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