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[ISN] Personal data of 1m bank customers found on secondhand computer sold on eBay for 35UKP


By Dan Newling
25th August 2008

Personal details of more than a million bank customers have been found 
on a computer sold on eBay.

Highly- sensitive information on American Express, NatWest and Royal 
Bank of Scotland customers was stored on the machine's hard drive.

It includes names, addresses, mobile phone numbers, bank account 
numbers, sort codes, credit card numbers, mothers' maiden names and even 

It was described as 'a data thief's treasure chest', with everything a 
criminal needs to assume a customer's identity - and clear out their 
bank account.

The massive data loss - one of the worst ever in Britain - is a clear 
breach of the banks' obligation under the Data Protection Act to keep 
all personal information secure.

Coming just days after the Home Office admitted losing the details of 
127,000 criminals, it is certain to fuel public concern about how 
Government and businesses look after our secrets.

Last night it was revealed that a second computer from the same site has 
gone missing, meaning yet more information could have leaked.

IT security expert Adam Laurie said: 'This is appalling. This 
information is worth millions - a thief could easily use it to go on an 
enormous shopping spree.'


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