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[ISN] FBI late on Fumo e-mails


Philadelphia Daily News
Jan. 16, 2009

When FBI agent Vicki Humphreys arrived at former state Sen. Vince Fumo's 
Tasker Street office to serve a search warrant on Feb. 18, 2005, she 
said that she discovered that a sophisticated "wipe" was in progress on 
the computer of aide Leonard P. Luchko, who had already left the office.

Agents immediately powered the computer down, Humphreys said.

A computer technician for Fumo, Luchko was later arrested, in May 2006, 
at his home on conspiracy and obstruction charges. (He pleaded guilty in 
August 2008, and agreed to cooperate with prosecutors.)

Prosecutors say that much of the electronic evidence in the case was 
wiped - or destroyed using sophisticated software that erases all traces 
of e-mails and other documents - before Humphreys arrived.

Fumo was indicted in February 2007 on 139 counts of conspiracy, fraud, 
obstruction of justice and related tax offenses. (Luchko and two other 
aides also were charged in the case.)


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