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[ISN] New Security Services Land In Home Routers


By Kelly Jackson Higgins
Jan 21, 2009

Home router security is getting a makeover with free security services 
aimed at simplifying and streamlining the protection of home users' 
computers, gaming, and other systems.

OpenDNS, which offers a free recursive Domain Name Service (DNS) service 
with Web content filtering and phishing protection, has so far teamed 
with Netgear and 2Wire to roll its DNS, Web filtering, and antiphishing 
services into the vendors' home networking devices. Netgear earlier this 
month announced it will offer OpenDNS for free with several of its 
Wireless-N router models, and 2Wire said it would do the same with its 
new HomePortal GEM gateways for wireless networks, cordless phone DECT 
base stations, home control interfaces, and intelligent home servers.

While Netgear calls the OpenDNS services it will add to its routers 
within the next few months Live Parental Controls because it filters 
unsafe or inappropriate content, the service is a combination of all of 
OpenDNS' services.

"When consumers want security, it's not just for their PC. They want it 
for all of their digital devices," at home, including gaming systems and 
iPhones, says David Ulevitch, founder and now CTO at OpenDNS, which 
plans similar arrangements with other home networking vendors.

But John Pescatore, vice president and research fellow at Gartner, says 
many ISPs already offer some form of parental controls, and that actual 
adoption of parental controls traditionally has not been not high. "But 
[OpenDNS] might make them easier to use," Pescatore says.


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