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[ISN] Security will not come naturally with IPv6


By William Jackson
Sept 17, 2009

IPv6 can be used to block, shield and hide data on your network, and the 
hackers already are learning to take advantage of this.

"is is what black hats are doing right now: They are planning their 
attacks for IPv6," orson said today at the Next Generation Internet 
Conference in Washington hosted by the Digital Government Institute.

Although IPSec security is included in all IPv6 products, it is not 
enabled by most users, Thorson said. And when it is used, its 
effectiveness can vary because there are multiple ways to implement it.

However, the transition to IPv6 also offers opportunities for improving 
security. Greenfield installations can allow planners to design secure 
architectures, and features such as the ability of longer IP addresses 
can provide unique identifiers that can help identify every individual, 
device and process on a network, said Dale Geesey, principal with Auspex 


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