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[ISN] Authentication said key to cybersecurity


By Ben Bain
Sept 22, 2009

The ability to authenticate computer users, devices and processes is a 
major part of the Homeland Security Department's emerging vision for 
improved computer security, a top cybersecurity official said today.

The department wants an open, standards-based cyber .ecosystem. that is 
securely designed, said Bruce McConnell, cybersecurity counselor to 
Philip Reitinger, DHS. principal cybersecurity official.

During a breakfast discussion in Washington held by TechAmerica, 
McConnell said that cyber ecosystem must be supported by metrics that 
can help decision-makers spend their budgets more effectively.

Meanwhile, McConnell also said strong authentication is also important 
because it will reduce the .noise. that makes enforcing cybersecurity 

In an interview after the event, McConnell added, "Better authentication 
reduces the complexity of the intrusion-detection problem because when 
legitimate entities, devices and processes are authenticated, then the 
universe of those that are malicious is more obvious..


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