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[ISN] Keesler AFB begins cyber warfare training


By Jeff Lawson
Oct 05, 2009 

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Monday marked the beginning of a new era for Keesler 
Air Force Base as airmen began taking classes on cyber warfare. The 
Biloxi base is the official cyber training headquarters for the entire 
Air Force.

The commander of the 81st Training Wing, General Ian Dickinson, welcomed 
the 95 young airmen to the class, and reflected on the important task 
ahead of them.

"When you are my age, looking back on your careers in the Air Force, you 
can say I was there on day one, October 5th, when the first fundamental 
courses started," General Dickinson told them.

The students will spend the next six months undergoing intensive 
training. Eventually, they will be stationed all over the world. In 
essence, their job will be to make sure the military's computers are not 
hacked. The consequences of such an act could be devastating.


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