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[ISN] Deutsche Bank Spy Case Rises to New Level


By David Crawford
The Wall Street Journal
OCTOBER 9, 2009

BERLIN -- German prosecutors have opened a formal criminal investigation 
into the Deutsche Bank AG spying affair but say their probe doesn't 
target the bank's chairman, chief executive or other management-board 
and supervisory-board officials.

Frankfurt prosecutors said they had found evidence that those carrying 
out the activity, including former and current bank employees, may have 
broken Germany's privacy laws, a spokeswoman for the prosecutor's office 

The "unauthorized processing of personal information, collected and 
transferred in return for payment" may have breached Germany's data 
protection laws, the prosecutor said in a statement.

The investigation is focused on the alleged illegal collection and sale 
of information on a critical Deutsche Bank shareholder and the alleged 
stealing of business secrets from a Munich law firm, the spokeswoman 


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