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[ISN] Moderators Note: 'We'll Do It Live!'

Just a quick note, I think we've, well... I nudged Brian Martin with OSVDB.org to look over the Mailman settings and he found a few things I missed the first time around, changing the mime setting so there's no more replies in 48 point red BOLD type to unsubscribe, not to mention to stopping everyone's replies to the list. So if you're in the mood to thank Brian, (I know I am!) please check out: http://osvdb.org/donations

Everyone that was on previously on the old Digest version of the list should now be back on new Digest mode, there might be a few new subscribers that might have been initially subscribed in digest mode but with this move in the last few hours are now on the normal list, if you're one of these subscribers, and want back on the digest list, please reply back and I'll move you over ASAP.

I haven't had the chance to check the RSS feed yet, and I'm betting its going to be wonky as we're still working on the new archive software, but the old archives are still there.

Just to make sure everything works great, I'm going to run a few articles tonight, and we'll go back to our usual number of articles on Tuesday morning.

Thanks your for your understanding!


William Knowles
wk @ infosec news

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