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[ISN] How AFP smashed Bottle hackers


By Darren Pauli
Nov 21, 2011

No honour among thieves.

You might think the strategies to catch criminals used by gumshoe detectives and cyber cops are worlds apart, but the investigation into the hack of Bottle Domains demonstrated that they share a common heritage.

Follow the money. Be adaptive. These were but some established police tactics used by Federal Police technical specialist Alex Tilley to nail the hacker and money man behind the 2007 hack which was made public two years later.

Two men were charged in 2009 for cracking Bottleâs network and attempting to sell a database containing some 70,000 domains and 13,000 credit card numbers. The hacker served a reduced six month sentence, while the seller received a good behaviour bond.

But the fallout from the hack could have been huge. The hacker at the time worked for an IT services company employed by Bottle Domains. He had exploited his insider knowledge to break into the company and had planned to sell the stolen database.


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