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[ISN] GCHQ aims to recruit computer hackers with code-cracking ad


By Mark Sweney
30 November 2011

The government intelligence service, GCHQ, is aiming to attract the next generation of web-savvy spies by running an ad campaign that challenges computer hackers to crack a code to get an interview.

GCHQ, which reports to the foreign secretary and works with MI5 and MI6, has set up a websitethat is home to a tricky visual code.

The agency is drumming up interest in the code by seeding a message into social media, such as blogs and forums, that cyber specialists with a "keen interest and ethical hacking" might frequent.

GCHQ usually hires its cyber specialists straight from college or university as graduates. However, the organisation admits that with the fast-moving world of computer technology it needs to tap the ranks of "self-taught" hackers as well.


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