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[ISN] Rising Cybercrime Pushes African Governments to Take Action


By Rebecca Wanjiku
December 19, 2011

In reaction to rising cybercrime incidents in both public and private sectors, some African governments have set up incident reporting and early warning bodies with the support of AfriNIC (Africa Network Information Center).

South Africa, Kenya, Morocco, Ivory Coast and Tunisia have set up Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERT) that will work with information security professionals to report vulnerabilities and detect DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks. The move is coordinated by AfricaCERT, supported by AfriNIC.

"Our main goal originally was to raise awarenessof cybersecurity issues and set some framework with the support of the Internettechnical community. We had two workshops with law enforcement agencies on IP forensics and how law and technology should bebrought tightly together to address some of our challenges," said Adiel Akplogan, AfriNIC CEO.

AfriNIC has been holding meetings solely for government agencies involved in ICT regulation, to make them find ways to work together with information security experts to tackle rising cases of cybercrime. AfricaCERT is currently collecting data on cybercrime because there is insufficient research in the region.


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