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[ISN] Hackers face two year jail terms under new EU proposals


By John E Dunn
28 March 2012

Individuals convicted of a wide range of hacking offences in the EU will face a minimum of 2 years in prison anywhere in the 27-nation bloc under new proposals accepted by an influential European Parliament committee.

The Civil Liberties Committee voted 50 in favour, 1 against with only 2 abstentions to accept a harmonisation of the EUâs anti-hacking laws that would also crack down on those found possessing or distributing tools that could be used in attacks.

Tougher still, the Committee proposed imposing sentences of at least five years on those found guilty of disrupting services with large-scale attacks using botnets, DDoS or where financial loss was incurred, a clear warning to Anonymous-style hacktivism.

"We are dealing here with serious criminal attacks, some of which are even conducted by criminal organisations,â said German MEP and Committee rapporteur, Monika Hohlmeier.


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