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[ISN] Huawei embracing its hacker critics, security chief says


By Jeremy Wagstaff and Lee Chyen Yee
The Sydney Morning Herald
November 1, 2012

Under-fire Chinese telecoms equipment vendor Huawei is reaching out to one of its sternest critics: a hacker who accused it of making shoddy products.

John Suffolk, the company's global cybersecurity chief, said at a cybersecurity conference in New Delhi that he was sending a team of engineers to talk to German security researcher Felix Lindner, who has exposed vulnerabilities in the company's routers, from its $100 home internet devices to multi-million dollar equipment run by telecommunications companies.

"We've very much taken on board Felix's views and you'll see over the coming period we've got a whole host of significant operations to deal with these issues," he said.

The move is a departure of sorts for Huawei, which has been battling critics on several fronts. It was last year blocked from bidding for a multi-billion dollar National Broadband Network contract in Australia over cyber-security fears.


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