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Re: [ISN] DDoS Attacks: Variant Foreseen in 2006

Forwarded from: Dave Dittrich <dittrich (at) u.washington.edu>

On 10/30/12 11:51 PM, InfoSec News wrote:

Meanwhile, one security vendor says it saw elements of these current
DDoS attacks six years ago.

In April 2006, VeriSign identified the then-new type of DDoS attack known as a domain-naming-system reflector attack. A DNS reflector attack overwhelms a site's Web server with spoofed DNS responses. The vendor even published a white paper about the variant, based on traffic patterns it observed at the time.

Seriously VeriSign? You discovered this in 2006? And you are crowing about it six years later as a warning of threats to come? You are 11 years too late.

There has been a description of the first DNS reflection attacks on my DDoS web page since 2001. My colleagues and I wrote about the Register.com reflected DNS attack in our book on DDoS, published in 2004. Sometime many years ago, when someone else "discovered" DNS reflection attacks, I added more references and added a "What's new in DDoS" subsection that reads, "Nothing, really. (Some people are just late to the party. ;)"


Sorry, but you really need to do your research more
thoroughly. :)

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