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[ISN] Hundreds of Brits' details exposed in claimed Amazon UK hack


By Karen Friar
November 11, 2012

A hacker has posted purported data on more than 600 Amazon UK customers online, but the retailer has said the information does not come from their systems.

The data, posted on Saturday to Pastebin, was presented by a hacker named Darwinaire as proof that he or she broke into the online retailer's systems. It covers names, usernames, registration dates, phone numbers, email addresses and home addresses for 635 people. It also includes some passwords in plain text.

The details appear to be valid, going by a random sample checked out by ZDNet. However, not all were able to confirm that the data is linked to an Amazon UK account, saying the information is old.

The retailer said on Sunday that there had been no security breach at the company.


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