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[ISN] How to Secure Big Data in Hadoop


By Thor Olavsrud
November 08, 2012

Big data promises to help organizations better understand their businesses, their customers and their environments to a degree that you could previously have only imagined.

The potential is enormousâas businesses transform into data-driven machines, the data held by your enterprise is likely to become the key to your competitive advantage. As a result, security for both your data and your infrastructure becomes more important than ever before.

Big Data Could Be Toxic Data If Lost

In the case of data that provides a competitive advantage, the need for security should be obvious. If you lose that data, or it winds up in the hands of a competitor, your advantage is lost. But worse, it could become a liability.

In many cases, organizations will wind up with what Forrester Research calls "toxic data." For instance, imagine a wireless company that is collecting machine dataâwho's logged onto which towers, how long they're online, how much data they're using, whether they're moving or staying stillâthat can be used to provide insight to user behavior.


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