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[ISN] Patient Monitoring Firm Reports Theft of Laptop Containing EHRs


November 27, 2012

Alere Home Monitoring, a provider of patient monitoring and management services, recently notified about 116,000 individuals about a data breach involving their personal health information, Modern Healthcare reports.

About the Breach

Alere did not specify when the theft occurred but said a company-owned laptop was stolen from the locked car of an Alere employee.

The laptop contained patients' electronic health records, which include data such as:

    Dates of birth;
    Social Security numbers; and
    Diagnostic codes.

Alere did not indicate whether the information was encrypted or if the laptop was password-protected (Conn, Modern Healthcare, 11/21). However, the company said it has no reason to believe that patient information has been accessed or used inappropriately (Alere release, 11/20).


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