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[ISN] Chinese University issues new security alert to students over hacking


By Lana Lam and Emily Tsang
South China Morning Post
30 June, 2013

Staff and students at Chinese University were warned yesterday to secure their computers against hacking.

The caution came just over two weeks after claims by whistle-blower Edward Snowden that it had been among the targets of a US cyberspying programme.

An e-mail sent by the information security section to all 8students and staff said: "Protecting our data and information against hackers has recently become the talk of the town.''

Titled "Information security reminder - Keep your data out of hackers' reach!", the e-mail is understood to have landed in the inboxes of about 14,800 students and more than 7,500 staff yesterday afternoon.

It included more than a dozen specific "do's and don'ts" on how to block unauthorised access to personal data. "We strive to protect all data … processed and stored by the central information systems and data that flow through our campus network," the e-mail said.


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