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[ISN] Preparing for Cyber Patent Disputes


By Tracy Kitten
Bank Info Security
July 1, 2013

Patent infringement lawsuits that involve security practices are becoming more common in heavily-regulated industries. Organizations need to take several steps to be well-prepared, advises patent attorney James Denaro.

Increasingly, claims of patent infringement are targeting technology and software, says Denaro, who leads the intellectual property practice at the CipherLaw Group.

Eight lawsuits filed in recent weeks against U.S. banking institutions, claiming patent infringement on products and services related to security and electronic banking, should serve as a warning to others, he adds (see Patent Lawsuits Target Eight Banks).

"What makes these interesting is that the patent [infringement claims] are not directed at banking services," Denaro says during an interview with Information Security Media Group. "[They] are directed at functions that a lot of industries might be using, most of which relate to security practices."


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